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Re: [APD] there is no law against stupidity

if so-----the congress would be out of a job------however the most
creative ideas that have come to my mind have been the result of my
reaction to something stupid----------my first reaction in any thought
process is to ask ----HOW COULD IT BE ???? THIS simple question gets the
hocuses flowing in unusual directions------and a good idea might be
borne---------a new idea is worth a 1000 stupid comments--------so let
stupidity flow---everything that has ever been done for the first
time--------was done while all the knowledgeable people laughed

(1) Environmental project 

Rehabilitation help needed for 1500 acres in north western TENN

If you read this and have access to;

Catalpa seeds  southern and northern,
Turks head , English , Bur, Chesnut and other white Oak acorns----please
contact as they are needed for a reforestration project

 The nom de plume for the breeder of red,
   blue and other spectaclur Phelsuma, Gonatoda,  Sphaerodactylus and
Lygodactylus --- all of which are day Geckos-------any breeders or
caretakers of these are invited to chat------and trade to expand the
captive gene pool--------the Phelsuma are the most studied--the others
are almost forgotten 


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