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[APD] Truth in advertizing

An excellent overview of Aqua Schister's that is relevant to the


Much like the APD not being able to monitor and review
everything posted here............

Some good links:

If you want to learn more about Chem:


I think most folks think it's the advertizer's responsibility,
or the vendor selling the product or the company selling/making
the product.

Products are sold based on if there is a market, not if there is
any plausible merit to the claims.

"Tom's all natural organic Sasquatch Plant food, makes your hair
grass grow!"

I could all sorts of things..........and add a little PO4,
Excel, maybe a little Fe......, tell folks I spend many years of
research investigating the ways of plant nutrition, then I could
get a patent pending..........(now wouldn't that make it sound
better? you bet, but it does not mean there is anything to
it....)...next take out a few big ads in mags.........then get a
few folks to say nice things about it.

My advice is tio look into it first, see if what they say sounds
like snake oil, whacky water schemes, something just does not
seem quite right(listen to your gut), see if it passes the test
for pseudoscience(see the site above) and use good old google to
see what's been said so far about it.

Folks will often say you are negative, argue, question your
credibility, intent, let the accustations fly, anytime you poo
poo one of their snake oils. They tend to attack the person
rather than the idea behind the criticism about the product.

Heated debates about the product and whether it works well are
fine, but personal attacks are very common.
This does not help the hobby, whereas a heated debate on topic
does so very much.

Keep asking them about why and how the product works.
Ignore all that warm fuzzy talk. 

Most folks here know what plants use to grow.
Stick with those and you will not go wrong.

Tom Barr  


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