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Re: [APD] Truth in Advertising

>>And I have a hard time believing that refusal to run the ad would be any
different than the editor not running a story suggesting that it was ok to
put a
Copperbanded Butterfly in a 10 gallon tank with a box filter, which I
over-heard  a clerk at a store  actually sell a grandmother buying a
present for her granddaughter.<<

Your truth, our truth, my truth, any bodies truth is all different.  The guy
is selling a book. To sell it he is using ambigious, exagerrated claims. It
sounds silly to us, but there is nothing all that outrageous about it. It is
ambigious enough to be open to interpretation. A magazine can not be judge
and jury for the validity or usefullness of an advertised product. Beta
vases, beta bowls were hotly protested by a group of people. These people
think they are cruel and inhumane. Should a magazine not advertise them?
What about that product that several people on this list scoffed at it's
validity. I think Barr called it snake oil...something about magnets
purifying the water... should a magazine not advertise that?  The media can
not make that desicion.  Remember Sea people? People thought they were
buying inch high little mermaid people that were going to build an
underwater city and drive around in little cars, and build statues of you
looking thru the fish bowl making you their God....  but instead people
recieved a bunch of brine shrimp that died two days later! Oh the humanity!

I just read an article by Jack Wattley where he says it is perfectly Ok to
have two adult, dinner plate size  Discus in a 20 gallon tank. I think his
column should be dropped from print and he should have to publically
apologize for making such insane comments, but maybe that is just me.

Robert Hudson

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