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Re: [APD] what i wish i knew (or had remembered!)

Use a check valve on the CO2 line.  
Find a place that will refill CO2 tanks other than your LFS. I paid $25 for  
a swap out at the LFS, $17.50 at a welding shop, and now i get them filled at 
a  company that's primary business is selling fire extinguishers.They charge 
me  $7.00 to refill my tank and it never takes them more than 5 minutes to do 
it!  Which includes checking out the score of the Red Sox game.
If you have a cat in the house use the heavy tubing sold for CO2.   <grin> 
Just because it shows bubbles in the bubble counter doesn't mean  the gas is 
getting into the tank.
rich green
milton ma
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