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Re: [APD] hosed!

I think the concern to the RV industry is that these water supply
hoses are often connected semi permanently (3 - 6 months at a time).
The water in the hose is often just sitting there and the hose is
exposed to extended periods of sunlight and heat.  Hot water contained
in a hot hose for hours at a time creates a much greater opportunity
for leaching of many chemicals as well as rapid deterioration of the
hoses.  Our very short time use of hose to move cool water presents a
much lower risk of leaching nasty chemicals from the hose.  OTOH, I
use a 50 length of medical grade tubing, obtained from my bro-in-law
from work.


On 6/20/06, Wise, Nicholas <Nicholas_Wise at eon-us.com> wrote:
> > The Garden Hose: some are gonna do it, and some aren't. It
> > depends on what level of toxin that  you are willing to
> > dismiss. There are people who still smoke.
> In all reality, if it did contribute to early fish deaths or plant
> deaths, how many people would actually make the connection to the hose
> anyway?  I'm sure that the levels of said "toxins" are not near levels
> that would cause mass die-off.  I myself have used old garden hoses to
> fill tanks and have drank from them many times.
> Maybe it does cause fishy-cancer or something, but it most likely takes
> long exposure time and has a long period from exposure to mortality.
> How many freshwater fish live long enough for this to be noticeable.
> Personally, when a fish or a plant dies and all my normal tanks stuff in
> order, I jusr chalk it up to "natural" causes and go on.  Blah, blah,
> blah.
> This would probably have more weight in reef tanks.  I never use the
> hose to fill my reef tank.  And reef setups tend to be much more
> dependent on water quality ans less forgiving than freshwater. ;)
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