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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 34, Issue 18

I am glad such a profound subject as contamination of water from garden
hose is taking our time------there is much more mind pollution coming
from papers, television, radio and personal conversation than
this-----------keep it up-----some real thought might take
place---------and I found this thread quite refreshing------and some of
the information quite factual------long live the garden hose
drinkers------i shower in the hose water before I drink-----the water on
my head cools me------and prevents heat stroke---and the cooler water is
much more refreshing than the tepid water that is first
available-------however my water comes direct from 150 ft below
filtered and sanitized by mother nature after some cave man relieved
himself------you see i drink recycled water------that comes from georgia
to central florida-----------my plants and animals thrive-----even my
dart frogs---where other breeders report problem after problem-----long
live re-cycled water

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