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Re: [APD] hosed!


> The Garden Hose: some are gonna do it, and some aren't. It 
> depends on what level of toxin that  you are willing to 
> dismiss. There are people who still smoke. 

In all reality, if it did contribute to early fish deaths or plant
deaths, how many people would actually make the connection to the hose
anyway?  I'm sure that the levels of said "toxins" are not near levels
that would cause mass die-off.  I myself have used old garden hoses to
fill tanks and have drank from them many times.  

Maybe it does cause fishy-cancer or something, but it most likely takes
long exposure time and has a long period from exposure to mortality.
How many freshwater fish live long enough for this to be noticeable.
Personally, when a fish or a plant dies and all my normal tanks stuff in
order, I jusr chalk it up to "natural" causes and go on.  Blah, blah,

This would probably have more weight in reef tanks.  I never use the
hose to fill my reef tank.  And reef setups tend to be much more
dependent on water quality ans less forgiving than freshwater. ;)

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