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Re: [APD] Plant ID

John T. Fitch wrote:
> I have a plant, sold by an LFS as an Anubias, which has been growing very slowly in my 
> tank over
> the past five years.  A few of the leaves have developed a darker green, velvety 
> coating in
> places.  Here's a picture of the plant:
> http://www.fitchfamily.com/Aquarium/Plant_ID.jpg
> I would appreciate a better identification of the plant and, if possible, the coating. 
> If the
> coating is an algae, should it be scraped off, or would it be better to cut the leaf 
> off
> completely.  I'm reluctant to prune too many leaves, because it takes so long to grow 
> new ones!
> Thanks in advance.
> John T. Fitch

It looks like Hygrophylla Corymbosa which is not a slow grower :-(


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