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You have *got* to be kidding me! Right?

This thread must be a joke and I just don't get the punch line...

No, please don't try to explain the punch line to me.  I'm really, really
not interested.


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Charley Bay wrote:
>   You want to force universal
>   acceptance of just one thought for that term?
>   Ain't gonna happen.

Nope. Actually read the thread instead of reading the subject lines or 
the first few sentences.

> * The original banter was from when you kept 
>   referring to it as a "micro-" nutrient mix, with
>   another person correcting that "macro-" nutrients
>   were a significant part.  Yet, you just wouldn't
>   concede that point.  (Ditto when others mention
>   inconsistencies in your position.)

You are twisting the situation to embelish your point. The argument was 
not about referring to a particular mix of ingredients as PMDD, it was 
over whether you could refer to the entire strategy of limiting 
phosphates as PMDD. It started because someone mentioned using PMDD and 
another person jumped in and said that phosphate limitation had been 
proven ineffective. My point was that PMDD and the theory of limiting 
phosphates were two different things.

> * Don't be a jerk.  For this discussion, I'll 
>   define that as harassing or belittling until
>   people don't want to post anymore, or better yet,
>   until they regret posting in the first place.

Is the irony intentional?

If you don't like a particular conversation, I don't know why you can't 
just keep quiet. That's usually the polite way to behave. I didn't say 
one negative thing to anyone. Only you are doing that.

Jerry Baker

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