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Re: [APD] Welcome to the "Aquatic-Plants" mailing list (Digest mode)

I believe S. Hieber wrote this email section below:
> Wise comments, but I will eleaborate a bit more.:
> "Watts per gallon" is a technique for estimating lighting levels. You
> take the reated watts of the bulbs over an aquarium and divide by the
> nominal volume of hte tank. The estimated watts-per-gallon that you
> compute this way allows you to work towards a target level of lighting.
> What's the target? There are diff ones depending on goals, plants,
> conditons, variations in equipment and gardening techniques. But these
> rules of thumb will serve just abut everyone well.


I've got a 200L tank with 2x 40W bulbs so that works out at

80/200 = 0.4!

sure you don't mean 200/80? Cause that makes 2.5

BTW, what is 'reated watts'?

Stuart Halliday
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