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These watts per gallon numbers are based on what kind of lights?  I 
know incandescent bulbs don't do it, but are they based on pc or better?

Vaughn H.

On Friday, January 27, 2006, at 08:33 AM, S. Hieber wrote:

> "Watts per gallon" is a technique for estimating lighting levels. You 
> take the reated watts of the bulbs over an aquarium and divide by the 
> nominal volume of hte tank. The estimated watts-per-gallon that you 
> compute this way allows you to work towards a target level of 
> lighting. What's the target? There are diff ones depending on goals, 
> plants,  conditons, variations in equipment and gardening techniques. 
> But these rules of thumb will serve just abut everyone well.
> 2 -3 wpg for a tank with added CO2.
> 1.5-2 for tanks without added CO2
> 3 - 5 wpg for very fast tanks with plenty of CO2 and diligient upkeep.
> More than that, and you're out there with very little company but not 
> entirely alone. But you won't have time to notice anyone else, you'll 
> be too busy with tank maintenance.  ;-)
> These are rules of thumb. Fine tune as you go based on your results 
> and experience.

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