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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 44

> Before we get too involved with the sylogistics and lose the
> point of my
> post, I was suggesting that much of the advice given here and
> at other
> boards assumes a high tech environment.  This is at best
> confusing to people
> from the low tech world.
> I think such advice should be qualified with something like,
> "In a high tech
> environment the cause (or the solution) is . . . ".
> Bill

I tend to be specific for that reason, but my advice pretty
applies to both low and high tech approaches, typically the
user/poster say they have a CO2 or non CO2 tank, if not, it'll
come out after the 1st, 2nd post and I typically will ask if
they make no mention of it.

See previous post about BBA to that effect.

Many do applied the qualification in their advice. But many
newbies have no clue what to tell us also to help them.
After a post or two, it comes out and then we can help. 

I keep it simple for that reason.  

Tom Barr



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