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Re: [APD] RANT Concerning Availability of Supplies


I checked my copy of the McMaster-Carr catalog www.mcmaster.com and found 
the following conductivity solutions, all 460 ml.: cat. # 21315T601 (84 
microseimens); cat. # 21315T602 (1,413 microseimens); cat. # 21315T603 
(12,880 microseimens). Each were $14.30 in the #108 catalog. I forget what 
year it is. As I have said before: I am not an employee of McMaster-Carr, 
just a very satisfied customer.

Jerry Smith

>Message: 1
>Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:31:14 -0800
>From: Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz>
>Subject: [APD] RANT Concerning Availability of Supplies
>To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
>I'm going to vent some frustration here...
>Man, you'd think living in the second largest metropolitan area in the
>United States would allow you access to supplies more easily than most.
>You'd be wrong if you thought that. I have already written here about
>the total lack of availability of substrate material here, and written
>about the fact that it has taken me a grand total of 4 months to get a
>satisfactory aquarium stand for a standard 125-gallon tank. Well, having
>just purchased a conductivity meter, I figured I would get some
>calibration solution. Have you ever tried to buy calibration solution
>for a conductivity meter? First, not one fish store within a twenty mile
>radius sells it. There were about a half dozen who obviously struggle
>with English and told me they carried it only to have it turn out that
>it was pH calibration solution when I got there. I have spent the last
>two hours contacting every single yellow page listing for chemical and
>laboratory supply companies in the Los Angeles basin. I found exactly
>*one* that sells a conductivity reference solution -- it's 45 miles away
>and only open during my work hours. Most won't sell to the public
>because "government regulation," as they put it. I can purchase
>potassium chlorate (a component of plastic explosives) online, but they
>claim they can't sell me salt water. I'm going to have to buy it from
>the manufacturer and pay $2.50 for a small bottle and $7 to ship it.
>Jerry Baker

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