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Re: [APD] filters

Are you pitching the $200 system or the $300 system or is this just a broken link and meant to take one to the Marineland filter with a micron insert? 
Anyway, it's pretty widely known that the low micron filters can filter out the "swimming" stage. It's also why diatom filters work so well. The marineland filter with the micron insert works with diatoms too, iirc. All of these are available at a wide variety of vendors at competitive prices to beat the band -- which you might or might not care for, depending on how you feel about the band.
Formalin and malachite green work very well and very quickly too. The saltwater version of the disease is tougher to deal with because the invertabrates don't do as well with the formalin, but yhat's not an issue for planted tanks.


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We at Sea Save have found a cure for "ick" by using this 5 micron filter.  As use may know the smallist baby "Ick" is born at 30 micron so as it falls off it is filtered away.  You may see a pic. at our web-site www. seasave.com<http:// www.seasave.com/>.  Thanks
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