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[APD] The Carolina Aquarium Workshop XXII

The Raleigh Aquarium Society will be having their 22nd
"Carolina Aquarium Workshop" this coming February 24th, 25th, & 26th in 
Raleigh North Carolina.

There will be lots to learn and do.  Friday afternoon there will
a Fish Collecting Trip hosted by Gerald Pottern. Followed by a few 
presentations in the evening and many more presentations from well known 
speakers all day Saturday.  Registration is only $15 for yourself and 
your entire family if you're able to drag them along.

And best of all is the great mammoth super mega auction all day Sunday 
that starts in the morning and often goes well into the evening. 
Registration fee is not required for the main auction.  You will find a 
large variety of fish and plants.  Some that you may never have heard 
of.  As well as a large amount of aquarium products that have been 
donated or sold by participants.  Many a great deal (or steal) is to be 
made.  Bought more fish and plants than you have tank space?  No matter, 
buy another tank!  We schedule it so the tanks are auctioned towards the 
end.  We're thoughtful like that.  ;]

Well I hope that everyone who's close enough to make the trip will come 
join us for a fun and educational weekend.  You can find much more 
information on the event at our website:

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable new year.

-derek parr

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