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Re: [APD] is Chloride Bad For Plants

> > Jerry Baker wrote:
> > I'd like to take this time to make people
> > aware of the dangers of another chemical
> > that killed more than 3,800 Americans in
> > 2004. That chemical is hydrogen hydroxide,
> > and prolonged inhalation is fatal. <snip>

Dennis Dietz responded:
> Too true.  Di-hydrogen monoxide is one of the
> deadliest killers on the planet yet we have
> failed to limit its use in everything from
> food to cosmetics to the air we breathe...
> ..Scary!
> I don't remember the site right now but about
> a year ago I found, and signed, a petition to
> ban its use <snip>

I'll bet you're referring to:


It's fascinating reading.  Everyone should be
aware of the dangers, and the site has a lot
of really great reference material also like
a complete OSHA Materials Safety Data Sheet
on this substance.

I can't believe this product is still 
over-the-counter (requires no licenses to
handle).  As a result, unfortunately, this
stuff is now just about everywhere.


Yahoo! DSL ? Something to write home about. 
Just $16.99/mo. or less. 

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