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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 8

Scott pretty much, as well as Raj, confirmed the issue has notrhing to dio with plant respiration at night and the use of aeration, rather, surface flow turnover.
  Recently Amano put something in TFH and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon(once again) that plants can remove all the O2 myth.
  I'm not sure how self reliant folks are sometimes at looking at things for themselves and trying things out to see if they are true or not. 
  If you have less than 4-6 ppm of O2, something is very wrong.
  I seldom ever drop below 8ppm unless I muck the tank up really good.
  This is at the AM time right prior to the lights.
  Add CO2 when the lights are on, try the CO2 mist.
  This and some surface movement will help the gasping fish, plus drive plant growth better/reduce algae/help fish.
  I have some rather high bioloads in some tanks and over the years have had little issue with gasping fish and I am known to add lots of CO2 and many folks have "so called 40-70ppm" of CO2 measurements without issues as well as many folks not using the aeration etc at night(myself included).
  Happy plants = happy fish, lots of O2 produced, some surface turn over etc will definitely improve things.
  Tom Barr

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