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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 29, Issue 8

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Scott pretty much, as well as Raj, confirmed the issue has notrhing to dio with plant 
> respiration
> at night and the use of aeration, rather, surface flow turnover.
>  Recently Amano put something in TFH and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon(once 
> again) that
> plants can remove all the O2 myth.

I have no access at this information !

>  I'm not sure how self reliant folks are sometimes at looking at things for themselves 
> and trying
> things out to see if they are true or not.
>  If you have less than 4-6 ppm of O2, something is very wrong.
>  I seldom ever drop below 8ppm unless I muck the tank up really good.
>  This is at the AM time right prior to the lights.

Before lights start I had 2.5 raised to 5 after more bubbles

>  Add CO2 when the lights are on, try the CO2 mist.

I have an AB reactor !
No mist possible now :-(

>  This and some surface movement will help the gasping fish, plus drive plant growth 
> better/reduce
> algae/help fish.
>  I have some rather high bioloads in some tanks and over the years have had little 
> issue with
> gasping fish and I am known to add lots of CO2 and many folks have "so called 
> 40-70ppm" of CO2
> measurements without issues as well as many folks not using the aeration etc at 
> night(myself
> included).
>  Happy plants = happy fish, lots of O2 produced, some surface turn over etc will 
> definitely
> improve things.

But it seems that low O2 = happy GBA therefore not happy plants therefore less O2 :-( 
therefore more GBA...

>  Regards,
>  Tom Barr


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