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Re: [APD] Low O2

Thomas Barr wrote:
>    >Same phenomenon here : too many plants depletes O2 during the night.
>> I had to increase air bubbling...
>> Philippe
>  No no no!
>  You folks have this entirely wrong, plants have extremely low respiration rates, they 
> are not
> depelting the O2, fish and bacteria can and do..........but the reason plant people 
> have trouble
> with low O2 in the early AM prior to the lights coming on has a GREAT DEAL to do with 
> your
> surface movement.
>  If you have good pearling during the day, and relatively reasonable bioload, you 
> should not dip
>  below roughly 90%, my tanks have been at 95% to 100% by morning. I have high O2 most 
> of the 24
> hour peroid, perhaps 4-6 hours are lower. You will never have low O2 levels with a 
> wet/dry also.
>  So poor plant growth can cause a decline in the O2(via a decline in production of 
> O2), but also
> too little surface movement.
>  You can easily adjust the spray bars, and other flow equipment.
>  Plants can and do store O2 in their aeryhenchma and vacuoles.
>  Generally this is enough to supply the nighttime requirements alone.
>  Your fish will die long before the plants are limited in terms of O2. O2 is a 
> critical electron
> acceptor in wetlands, the measurements of O2 during the day/night cycles have been 
> studied well.
>  Try having some decent surface movement and you will stop stressing the fish with low 
> O2.
>  I also do not suggest adding CO2 at night, pH controllers can be shut off at night by 
> simply
> plugging them into the lighting timer.
>  Regards,
>  Tom Barr

Thanks !

I'm afraid I have no surface movement for the spray bar is under the surface !

But why is air bubbling worst than raising the spray bar out of the water ?

(Let suppose bubbling is nice to look at)


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