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Re: [APD] Low O2

You don't need to raise a so-called spray bar so that it literally sprays water. The rule of thumb is to avoid turbulence but don't avoid flow. Setting  the bar so the output is just below the surface should be adequate for most situations. If you're not adding CO2, the surface turbulence is not a factor, so in that case, you can go ahead and spray all you want, although it usually isn't necessary. In fact, a small water pump and a spray bar can create tremdously more turbulence than an air pump and bubbler-- if turbulence is what you are after.
Bubbling isn't inherently a worse form of turbulence, just a generally unnecessary form and not a very effecient way to move water around.
Bubbles have long been associated with the visual experience of a aquaria -- not because one finds commonly find sendless streams of bubbles wherever one finds fish and aquatic plants, but because air pumps and bubblers have been sold to aquarists for so many years, whether they have any practical use for them or not.
Some find the appearance of bubble streams as unnatural and hokey as burping clams and treasure chests. Those folks should and certainly can avoid air pumps without harm. Some folks find bubble streams attractive and even effective "alpha wave" generators. The hobby should be fun; tailor your involvement to suit. If like bubbles, then blow ;-)
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. . . But why is air bubbling worst than raising the spray bar out of the water ?
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