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[APD] Extremely Fine River Sand

Well, I finally went over to the local river bed here and there is some 
nice sand there. It is very fine. Much smaller grains than sugar. 
However, it wasn't packed down at all. It was fluffy like a fresh, dry 
snow. I sure would worry about this stuff packing down, but I was 
thinking that if it is real river sand, it's probably been ground down 
to near-round. Round things cannot pack together very much. I think I'm 
going to grab a few buckets of it and put it underwater for a few weeks 
and see what happens to it. Any suggestions on other tests I might do to 
see if it will pack down in a tank? I was thinking I would keep it 
underwater for a few weeks and periodically pick the bucket up and drop 
it a few times to try and get it to pack. If it still remains easily 
movable, I may try some in the tank.

PS - It looks kinda cool. Almost exactly like fine ground pepper, but 
slightly lighter in color. It's all granite (because that's all there is 

Jerry Baker
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