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Re: [APD] Natural Aquarium Vital -- or - Wonder products and herpetologic lubricity

I don't know what Mr. Barr is referring to when he says that it does
the "same pretty much" as Seachem's Flourish Excel.  Does he mean it
grows plants equally well?  Does he mean it contains the same stuff as
Excel?  Maybe he can speak up more about it, but I doubt very much it
is on par with Flourish Excel.


The descriptions of this Carbonator product sound nothing at all like
Seachem's Flourish Excel.  How the product works is fuzzy from the
descriptions.  It seems to be a bicarbonate destroyer to release CO2.
We all know how futile and dangerous that can be.


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Tom Barr had this to say about MW's carbonator product:

"As far the usefulness etc of Marc's product the carbonator, it does
the same pretty much as the Excel. So while many poo poo him for some
things, the product in question here does work, not as claimed, but it
is a decent product like Excel."



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