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Re: [APD] Extremely Fine River Sand

Jerry, paste up some pics of this stuff on your site. Use a dime, penny, 
on top of it
for scale. Curious to see how it looks, and this will be good practice 
taking macro
shots :-)


Jerry Baker wrote:

>Well, I finally went over to the local river bed here and there is some 
>nice sand there. It is very fine. Much smaller grains than sugar. 
>However, it wasn't packed down at all. It was fluffy like a fresh, dry 
>snow. I sure would worry about this stuff packing down, but I was 
>thinking that if it is real river sand, it's probably been ground down 
>to near-round. Round things cannot pack together very much. I think I'm 
>going to grab a few buckets of it and put it underwater for a few weeks 
>and see what happens to it. Any suggestions on other tests I might do to 
>see if it will pack down in a tank? I was thinking I would keep it 
>underwater for a few weeks and periodically pick the bucket up and drop 
>it a few times to try and get it to pack. If it still remains easily 
>movable, I may try some in the tank.
>PS - It looks kinda cool. Almost exactly like fine ground pepper, but 
>slightly lighter in color. It's all granite (because that's all there is 
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