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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 28, Issue 30

  Duct tape can seal up most sump towers easily.
  David mentioned air being sucked in from above , both issues can and I feel should be resolved for other reasons than CO2 loss.
  The entire mist CO2 idea is useful here also, using the tank as the CO2 reactor, and the return line from the sump will reduce the CO2 loss, as well as any mist in the tank, as well as having surface skimming, which takes the lowest ppm CO2 water that has already risen up through the plants an degassed a little at the surface, surface skimming also removs the surface film which allows build up and reduces gas exchange.
  Too much gas build up/reduced gas exchange is BAD during the night, some surface movement and reduced film build up is better if you ask me, helps with light transmission also. 
  So this by passes the degassing issue by the filter to a large degree. 
  I've been able to use wet drys very successfully and without any CO2 loss.
  So when you folks tell people they are having CO2 issues and say it's because the wet/dry, you are are full of Anubias stems:)
  Even if they are, simply adding a bit more gas is a non issue. If gas use reduction is REALLY A GOAL, you folks would be shutting off the CO2 at NIGHT, like I have have been suggesting for many years 
  The other thing you will soon realize with the 150 gal tank, evaporation lines and refilling it. It' a PITA on larger tanks. Sumps never have this problem, only the reservior drops and auto refills are eas for sumps as well as automatic water changes.But these issues can be resolved well without sumps also, but it's a little tougher and harder to hide the equipment.
  Tom Barr
"I don't want this to be one of those threads that goes on and on and on and on, but I'll say this much. I'll leave the sump on the 150g for some time longer, until I feel that I've learned as much as I am going to learn from it, then I'll replace it with a canister set up. Considering the advantages and disadvantages to sumps and canisters, I prefer canisters for my aquaria. I expect other folks might have have diff preferences. However, if I ever set up the fast current terrarium (someday someday) I'll probably use a sump system for that.

Scott H."


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