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[APD] Using powerheads for a CO2 diffuser

I have been using a powerhead for a diffuser in  one of my tanks. The CO2 is fed into the intake. The venturi is still  there also making a loop, but the Rio 600-800 series pumps have a  special impeller, instead of 4 flat blades, these have 6 flexible  blades that are optimized for fine bubble production.
  Note these are not the same regular Rio 600/800 pumps.
  No modification is needed, simply attach the CO2 line to the inlet and connect the other inlet to the the venturi.
  These are superior to common powerheads for this application and  production of mist.The key is the impeller, these are quite good, but  ideally one of those needle wheel skimmer impellers would be best.Maybe  they will sell those later.
  If you direct the powerhead down into the plant beds from near the top of the tank , this will give you the best efficiecy.
  No reactor cup needed(plant leaves act as a baffle), simply plug the  powerhaed into the light timer. CO 2comes on when you need it, off when  you don't.
  Cost 15-20$, ease of use: very easy for both gas tanks or DIY CO2 sources.
  I would also suggest these for driving reactors if they are in the gph flow range you need. 
  Tom Barr

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