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Re: [APD] Haze -- or - wimpy leaves and messy brown stuff

S. Hieber wrote:

>Right now you probably have a surplus of "messy brown stuff" 

>I might be reading you incorrectly but it soulnds like
>you're rinsing the filter media into the aquarium system.
No, I don't return that mucky brown water back into the aquarium, 
yikes!  I shut off the pump, let it backflow into the sump, rinse the 
filter there, then drain that water out, then fill the tank back up as 
part of a regular water change.  The only thing different here vs my 
reg. changes is I rinse the prefilter into the sump before draining it.  
I always drain the tank down ~10" from top, and drain the sump, then 
refill.  This calculates to ~50% of my water.  Either way the sump gets 
drained.  George Booth was mentioning that this prefilter rinse, along 
with my biomedia perhaps drying out is causing too much 
disturbance...which makes more sense to me now since I wrote that last 
email back to the list in response to George's comments...

> Javas will do that.

Ok, cause I never seemed to get them right.  They always sprout new 
plants at the tops of their leaves, which is frustrating because it 
ruins the leaf and is quite unattractive.  The leaf tip turns a dull 
shade of green that 'peals' back from the tip, which eventually sprouts 
a new plant.

>If nitrates are measuring only 5 -10 ppm, but you have
>ample light and you're adding CO2, trying adding 50% more
>ferts- say halfway between your regular dosing. If that
>seems to help, you even try a little more. Keeping up water
>changes and removing from the aquarium what collects in the
>I don't know what the phosphate limiting level is with
>Watson's PMDD but I wouldn't wouldn't try to limit plant
>growth by limiting the phosphate -- that always made my
>tanks go goofy.
The recipe on Watson's site follows Sears/Collin method.  As I said, 
this is really the first time I've gotten substantial growth from my 
plants so I'm new to playing with, and adjusting my fert. levels...I 
know its no longer the most accepted method, but its so well outlined I 
figured I'd follow that first and go from there.

Just recently, in the middle of all this, my anubias has given off a new 
leaf only this one is a very bright shade of green.  Not dark green like 
the rest of the (slowly dying) leaves it has now.  Perhaps that lends 
more info. to the fert. problem?

Sorry for the repeated posting within the same thread, I can't seem to 
get a good union of all these thoughts. :-D

Thanks for the help,
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