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Re: [APD] Haze

Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2005 17:28:56 -0500
From: David Terrell <Dave at TerrellClan_com>

> The biggest annoyance... I have a 90G AGA w/overflow.  

Overflow meaning "trickle filter overflow"?

> The actual sponge that is on the overflow will, 
> after a long while, get completely clogged with gunk.  

Yes, it's a prefilter for the trickle chamber.  Catches the bigger stuff.

> I then take off the sponge and 
> gently squeeze it in the sump tank water.  


> I read somewhere, some time ago that you should 
> only rinse in the aquarium water to not disturb the 
> colony in there too much.  

You should not worry about the bacteria in the prefilter.  It is just there
for mechanical cleaning.  Rinse it out in the sink and DON'T return all the
gunk to your tank!  

> After which I replace the sponge in the overflow, drain the 
> sump and do my regular water change, fill and hope for the best.  

Yow.  Way to much work, dude.  

Here's a tip.  If you have a trickle filter, there is probably some felt
like material in the drip tray.  Get some extra of this stuff and cut out a
piece large enough to wrap around the sponge - overlap the ends just a bit.
The felt will clog in 3 or 4 days (YMMV). Simply take the felt off, wash it
off and put it back. Much less hassle than cleaning the sponge thing. 

Another tip.  If you have felt like stuff in the drip tray and the felt is
laying directly on the drip tray, you probably noticed that the water only
goes through the teeny bit of felt directly over the holes in the drip tray.
To cure this, find some old-style DLS ("double later spiral") filter
material (or just the black plastic mesh that is one of the layers). Cut a
piece of the mesh the size of the drip tray and put it under the felt. The
mesh is about 1/4" thick and holds the felt way from the tray. Water will
then flow much easier through the felt.  Also cut a smaller piece or two and
put them between the water inlet and the felt to prevent the felt from
restricting the incoming flow. 

This is based on experience with an Amiracle trickle filter.  If yours is
different or we're not even talking about a trickle filter - well,

George in Ft. Collins

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