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Re: [APD] Puntius denisonii

I've read that their capture in the wild is seasonal.
David's price of $19 is the lowest I've heard of.

I've never seen them offered in my neck of the woods.

I found some at Uncle Ned's Fish Factory outside of Boston.


When they first started appearing around Atlanta a couple years ago they
were $75 each. At the retail level they have been as cheap as $40-$45 each

She store I get them from is in a Vietnamese dominated business district.
The owner is Vietnamese, and most of his  clientele are Oriental, and much
of business comes from dealing with Oriental restaurants,  He sells lots of
Koi, blood Parrots, Arowanas, big cichlids, big Plecostomus, Discus, good
luck bamboo etc. He sells a lot of the bamboo-look lacquered frame aquariums
that an Oriental Restaurant would have. You can even buy the "L" shaped
countertop type where the cash register would be on top, and the entire
inside of the counter is an aquarium  He has a few tanks of more mainstream
fish, but most are more oddball.

I'd imagine that this type of oriental pet shop might be more common in a
city with a China Town, like SF or NYC.

I actually bought Cherry Shrimp there last week for $2.00 each. He sets the
prices and I don't question them. His Discus ain't cheap, however! :-)


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