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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 28, Issue 12

Common name in the west is Red Line Torpedo Barb, though the indian name is far
better - see this link if you've not already found it:


I have three, and they *are* gorgeous, seem very easy to keep. About £10 each in
the UK. Fastest fish I've ever seen in a tank, too - getting three of maybe 15
out of an 18" tank took half an hour in the fish shop...


--- beaker <pweifan at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Luis,
> What kind of fish are these?
> http://www.aquatic-plants.org/gallery/album21/luiztank13
> Were these caught locally?  I remember someone posting
> about catching
> fish similar to these ~3 years ago.  It might even have
> been you :)  I can't find the post anymore...
> Your tanks are gorgeous by the way.
> Thanks,
> Scott aka beaker
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