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Re: [APD] woes with walsted type tank

You have 3 hours a day of "diffused" sunlight and 3 hours of 65 CF light.
That isn't
enough.  You need at least 10 hours of good quality light.

It also seems that you are combining two techniques, "high light" and
"natural tank."
This seems to always cause problems.  A "natural" tank should have 2 wpg or
a smidgeon more, lots of fish, and limited dosing, if any.   Since carbon is
the limiting
factor in those tanks, bio-wheels are best not used and excessive surface
should be avoided.

BTW, of what is your substrate composed?

Some soil-based tanks do require dosing, but not a lot, if they have enough
fish.  One of
mine requires a little NO3 every 2 months; it is populated with a large
number of small
guppies and guppy fry.  The other two with larger fish rarely need anything.


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