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Re: [APD] Home Depot's Public Aquarium

Terry Barber wrote:
> The AR crowd will make a fuss - of course.   Hopefully, they will be
> released if needed, but it sounded like the Japanese have figured it out and
> I am sure are consulting for Atlant.
> Can't wait to go see it.......but it won't be opening weekend -
> Thanksgiving.  The crowds will probably be way too much.
> TerryB
> (lives in Atlanta Area)

Back to the whale sharks. I've seen large fish in captivity. None of 
which were apparently happy. My wife convinced me to go to marine land 
here in Ontario. While there I got to meet a 40 year old Dolphin. I was 
the only one present in the lower observatory and I was opportune enough 
to spend a few private moments with him. My wife returned to find me in 
a fit of depression watching him do nothing but circle the perimeter. 
"Look" I said. "That's all he does. He just circles all day, waiting for 
the miracle of release." When she saw me wipe the tears from my face she 
looked into my eyes and understood for the first time in her life the 
bestial nature we inflict on intelligent creatures through captivity.  
Intelligent enough at at least to know they are captive... and that is 
enough for me.  Don't get me wrong. I understand the need for humanity 
to witness the existence of wildlife. I can only hope that eventually 
enough of us will come to understand the futility of it.

On the other hand it opens up a whole can of worms concerning the 
symbiosis of domestication. It's origin is repugnant but here with us to 
stay. My cats want outside but do not want outside for long anymore 
since winter has come. It's strange to accept that without our provision 
they would stand a slim chance of existence.

Here is Tigger sitting in his cat tree and enjoying the view of our 
first day of snow fall this year. Taken just now.

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