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Re: [APD] trying the mist

Let things slide for a couple of days - missing ferts.  I finally did some
trimming, did the big WC, added the ferts.  Two days later, GSA is all but gone.
 I did no scraping.  It had covered the glass pretty well, but now it's pretty
much gone.
I've upped the K2PO4, so hopefully we won't see any GSA this time around!


Ok, so I've added a couple of venturis to my 54 gal (2.2 wpg T6s, EI) - one from
a presurized sys @ .5/sec, and the other from a DIY.  Some plants are doing
better (Vals, E. tennelus, Amazon Sword, Java fern), but most haven't changed
much - I was hoping that my 'forest' of Ozelot plantlets would take off.  
Another thing that seems to love the new CO2 increase is GSA!!  

I just started to add double the K2PO4 the other day.  I use Greg Watsons
measuring spoons (Greg, what's the actual measurement for the 'dash', etc.) to
measure out.
Every other day, I add 2x large of KNO3, and was adding 2x medium K2PO4.  For
the last dose, I added the same ammounts of KNO3 and K2PO4.
Should this kick the GSA?



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