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Re: [APD] Custom Sealife Ballast Replacement...help plz

How fluorescents perform is a function of the bulb and the
ballast -- the two interact and the interaction determines
the overall electrical circuit. If you switch either
device, you can change the performance, so the light output
might be less or more than before. However, also note that
the lights will be brighter after they have been on for a
few minutes.

If the bulb test out significantly dimmer than before, you
can probably achieve very clsoe to the same brightness by
using perhaps 55watt bulbs.

Is Workhorse 6 the ballast that Fulham recommends for the
bulbs you have? I would have thought maybe a 5 or 7.


--- David Terrell <Dave at TerrellClan_com> wrote:

> ok all, I finally was prompted to make a move because the
> 4th of 4 
> ballasts in my two CSL lights died.  I ordered two Fulham
> Workhorse 6 
> ballasts and wired one of my lights up tonight.  I
> managed to get the 
> rivots drilled and the clips screwed back in.  To my
> surprise, when I 
> flipped the switch, the lights came on!  That was
> nice...it might be me, 
> though, I think they're dimmer than before.  Is that
> possible?  They are 
> two 65W CFLs.  I have no idea what the ballasts were
> before, but the 
> workhorse 6 is 140W max.  I have no way of testing the
> old ballasts vs 
> the new ones, either.  Any ideas?
> -Dave
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