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Re: [APD] stainless steel diffusers for "the mist"

Hi Daphne,

I am looking into this also.   I have an industrial supplier for them that I
am working with, I should know more about sizes and such in a couple of
days.  I used to sell/design industrial filtration systems and the metal
filters/diffusers were one of many options in my "arsenal".  My favorite
application for them that I used to sell was to NASA for rocket fuel
filtration (liquid 02 and H2) - but I digress.  This is the first time I
thought of using one for my fish tank.

What I may do is have my friend make up a bunch of them for me (that's
better for him and his production line).  I can then make them available to
APD'ers - would that work?

I am going to go look at the ones at our local beer store now (since you
said they have them).  I just wonder if its big enough to generate enough

Terry Barber

>From: "Daphne Freeman"

> Stainless steel diffusers for CO2 are a new one for me, I am not familiar
> with them.

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