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[APD] stainless steel diffusers for "the mist"

Stainless steel diffusers for CO2 are a new one for me, I am not familiar
with them.  How do they compare in terms of bubble size, number of bubbles
and maintenance with the "regular" diffusers?  I found one on a beer site
and it looked tiny.  I'm not sure if they come in different sizes but it
seems like it would take quite a few of them to put out the same amount of
CO2 as regular diffusers.  But then again, it looked like both the top and
sides were utilized so maybe I am mistaken  (wouldn't be the first time) and
the surface area is similar.  FWIW,  I have never seen an actual
Dupla/ADA/Azoo diffuser either so I am going strictly by pictures.  I am a
big  Dupla fan but wanted to make sure ss wouldn't be a better alternative.

When it is time to clean them, can you bleach ss or how are people cleaning

Anyone have any good/bad experiences with any particular ss diffusers?

I am really anxious to achieve what Tom and others are seeing with "the
mist"!  This is so cool!

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