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[APD] Comparing pearling visual times in many planted tanks

I've noticed something that seems to occur with many tanks that
have tried this mist method using the disc and a few that use
the reactors with the venturi's for the mist

Most have reported(around 20 folks from all over the world)
intense pearling within 1-2 hours, rather than moderate pearling
4 or more hours(sometimes from little at all except the last 1-2
hours of the day cycle).

Given that good pearling is the best visual sign of good growth
as well as lower presence of algae, this method does deliver.

This pearling occurs not just a day or two, it keeps going, day
after day. 
Try it for yourself and see what you think.
Those that have, report the same types of observations I first
reported here.

You should also consider the CO2 ppm from your test kits also
comparing the before and after the mist.
If you can find an O2 meter, they would be useful as well.

Tom Barr



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