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Re: [APD] Painted tank stand

S. Hieber wrote:
> Sanding between coats should knock off the nibs and wipe
> off the dust that settled in the finish before it set. And
> it should flatten any brushstrokes or spray bumps that
> didn't flow out. If you sand too aggressively and go
> through the coat, the next one will cover it up. If the
> coat tears as you sand, then it's not cured adequately.
> Wait until it cures harder and sand out the tear and
> recoat. 

I used a water-based primer first. I did notice the fuzzy effect, but I 
just sanded it down with some 150-grit after the first coat. There were 
some places that required as many as 5 coats before it was well sealed.

Jerry Baker
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