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Re: [APD] Painted tank stand

If you want to see irregularities in the surface, then take
the broad side of a graphite pencil and amply cover the
surface. When you've sanded the grahpite away, you're down
sanding the surface (at least with that size grit).
Any dings or nicks, etc. will remain stubbornly and require
more sanding. Chalk works too.

The pencil marking is a great way to minimize the amount of
sanding as you go from the initial coarse grit to
progressively finer grits. 

The glossier the finish, the more the imperfections show.
Sand down to 280 or 320 grit before finishing -- always us
a sanding block and not the palm of your hand. Rub down
between coats with 400 wet-dry and spirits for a phenolic
or urethane finish. or use the sandpaper dry on a
water-clean-up finish. 320 grit is fine for paint, which
has so much pigment and covers a coarser grit than shellac,
varnish, phenolic or urethane.

If you're going to put a water-clean-up finish on raw wood
and don't want that fuzzy effect water has on raw wood,
then wipe the surface first with a damp cloth to raise the
cut fibers in the wood surface. Let dry, then sand with 320
or 400 grit on a sanding block, very lightly to rub off the
raised fibers without cutting into new ones.

Always clean off any dust, use clean equipment in a clean
room or learn to overlook little bits of dust in the final

Sanding between coats should knock off the nibs and wipe
off the dust that settled in the finish before it set. And
it should flatten any brushstrokes or spray bumps that
didn't flow out. If you sand too aggressively and go
through the coat, the next one will cover it up. If the
coat tears as you sand, then it's not cured adequately.
Wait until it cures harder and sand out the tear and

--- Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:

> Something I learned with this whole experience is that
> flaws is the 
> surface of wood are not very apparent when it's bare
> wood. As soon as 
> you apply paint you see all the nicks, dings, scratches,
> pits, and other 
> stuff. I wish I had seen it all when I took delivery ...
> I would have 
> refused it.
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