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Re: [APD] The hobby these days

Actually, APD is pretty well represented in Google any time you look 
for specific information about aquatic plant issues.  That is how I 
found the list - every plant subject I looked up referred me to APD.  I 
started just going directly to the website and doing my searches there 
in the archives, where I learned almost everything I know about the 
hobby, both the true facts and the untrue "facts".  Eventually I would 
spend an hour a day just reading past years posts, in date order.  Only 
after a year or so did I join the group and get the comments directly 
by email.  This is indeed a treasure among web or email groups.

Vaughn H.

On Friday, October 28, 2005, at 12:15 PM, Stuart Halliday wrote:

> Bill D wrote:
>> There is an interesting parallel between the experience of this list 
>> now and
>> Actwin's 'Live Food Digest" of about 6 or 7 years ago.  Back then 
>> "Live
>> Foods" was fairly active, with usually at least 1 emailed digest a 
>> day.
>> Today it is down to one a month, if that.
>> What happened?   People have learned how to Google, and they don't 
>> have to
>> post a question to find out how to raise daphnia.  Some of the same 
>> thing
>> might be happening here.
> Oh how I wish they did! But the majority haven't a clue.
> Most don't know about Google's Images or Groups.
> Heck, I bet some even believe that Google groups was invented by them!
> USENET, What's that then? ;-)
> Mostly newbies just post really basic questions that a 9 year old 
> could find
> in 30secs on Google.
> Of course sometimes I think they post daft questions just to talk to 
> other
> like minded people. :-)
>> This list doesn't seem to cater to inexperienced hobbyists, at least 
>> the way
>> that a site like "Planted Tank" does.
> Well catered or not. I'm one and I often just listen in awe. ;-)
>> Perhaps when they get more experience
>> they come here, although they might more probably go to Tom's site, 
>> which
>> gets more publicity, among other things.
> The Google rating is all powerful. I wonder what Google rates APD?
> Anyone got that silly Google toolbar installed in their machine care 
> to tell me?
> If APD wants more publicity then the way to go is do an Google search 
> on
> Aquarium web sites and get a link to the APD web site home page 
> inserted on
> as many as the top listed sites as possible.
> -- 
> Stuart Halliday
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