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Re: [APD] Redfield ratio Atomic versus mass

Getting old is the pits, huh?  Why, I used to be able to remember stuff 
like that, telephone calls and all.
Vaughn H.

On Friday, October 28, 2005, at 12:47 PM, Jerry Baker wrote:

> Thomas Barr wrote:
>> 106:16:1 is the "atomic" redfiled ratio.
>> The "mass" ratio for N:P is 30.97/14= 2.2: 16/2.2= ~7:1 N:P
>> Folks may want to consider the __type__ of ratio when looking
>> through these "ratios". These two ratio types are often
>> confused.
> I usually mix things by mass. I find the atoms too difficult to count.
> One, two, three, ... sixteen trillion four hundred twenty one billion
> six hundred thirty three million nine hundred fifteen thousand four
> hundred and two .... :::telephone rings::: Dammit!!!
> -- 
> Jerry Baker

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