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Re: [APD] The hobby these days

Bill D wrote:
> There is an interesting parallel between the experience of this list now and
> Actwin's 'Live Food Digest" of about 6 or 7 years ago.  Back then "Live
> Foods" was fairly active, with usually at least 1 emailed digest a day.
> Today it is down to one a month, if that.
> What happened?   People have learned how to Google, and they don't have to
> post a question to find out how to raise daphnia.  Some of the same thing
> might be happening here.

Oh how I wish they did! But the majority haven't a clue.
Most don't know about Google's Images or Groups.
Heck, I bet some even believe that Google groups was invented by them!
USENET, What's that then? ;-)

Mostly newbies just post really basic questions that a 9 year old could find 
in 30secs on Google.
Of course sometimes I think they post daft questions just to talk to other 
like minded people. :-)

> This list doesn't seem to cater to inexperienced hobbyists, at least the way
> that a site like "Planted Tank" does.  

Well catered or not. I'm one and I often just listen in awe. ;-)

> Perhaps when they get more experience
> they come here, although they might more probably go to Tom's site, which
> gets more publicity, among other things.

The Google rating is all powerful. I wonder what Google rates APD?
Anyone got that silly Google toolbar installed in their machine care to tell me?

If APD wants more publicity then the way to go is do an Google search on 
Aquarium web sites and get a link to the APD web site home page inserted on 
as many as the top listed sites as possible.

Stuart Halliday
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