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Re: [APD] The hobby these days

There is an interesting parallel between the experience of this list now and
Actwin's 'Live Food Digest" of about 6 or 7 years ago.  Back then "Live
Foods" was fairly active, with usually at least 1 emailed digest a day.
Today it is down to one a month, if that.

What happened?   People have learned how to Google, and they don't have to
post a question to find out how to raise daphnia.  Some of the same thing
might be happening here.

This list doesn't seem to cater to inexperienced hobbyists, at least the way
that a site like "Planted Tank" does.  Perhaps when they get more experience
they come here, although they might more probably go to Tom's site, which
gets more publicity, among other things.

Perhaps this site should become more focused on matters directly related to
plants and less on ideological debates (and I plead guilty to doing that)
and endless discussions of washers and needle valves.  No other site seems
to get so involved in those things.

Just my non-ideological opinion.


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