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Re: [APD] Other Hobbies

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Chris Hotte wrote:
>>I found out the hard way I get right angry when surprised by a loud burst of sound which I know is responsible for damage.
>as someone does dishes). I think it's just a subset of being surprised. 
>Adrenaline causes an anger response in me instead of a fear response 
>like most people. I don't know if it's a chemical pathway thing or what, 
>but the anger doesn't set in until two or three seconds after the 
>initial release of adrenaline.
Not quite the same. I know of that type of response, I've a very large 
brother in law who responds to surprise the same way.  No, my fury was 
sparked by cold calculation in this instance. The loud bang did not 
'scare' me or make me jump, it just hurt and damaged my hearing. I was 
prepared to pulvarize the man who did not take this into account when 
attempting to scare me for 'fun'.  I was right angry because I didn't 
know how damaged my hearing was in that ear. I consider myself somewhat 
of an audiophile (though I don't currently own any equipment) and if 
that idiot had taken that pleasure away from me, I was prepared to do 
the same to him, even if I accidentally killed him in the process.  
Fortunately, I couldn't find him for the next 15 minutes or so and I had 
cooled down by then. My hearing returned without perceptible damage.

Being the last week of October, Phantom Farm should be open again. 
Hmm... wonder if we should go...
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