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Re: [APD] Other Hobbies

Terry Barber wrote:

>My loud noise vice was rock and roll.  Went to avg. of 3 shows a week for 2
>straight years (free tickets from work and also booked some shows for my
>college).  My ears would ring for days.   My day is coming for the aids too.
>>George B. "Should be into hearing aids Real Soon Now"
I listen to heaphones at a level what I believe to be unecessarily loud, 
but I never have rining ears afterwards. I also throttle back the volume 
long before pain or distotion become an issue in playback.

I've never been to a rock concert proper, but I don't think I would like 
it for the hearing damage. I'm quite sensitive about my hearing. I found 
out the hard way I get right angry when surprised by a loud burst of 
sound which I know is responsible for damage. A couple years ago I was 
standing in line for "Phantom Farm", a local attraction which is 
intended to scare the willies out of you. Every Halloween you can pay 
money to stand lined up for around 2 hours in the freezing cold for what 
is effectively 5 minutes of stupid fun.  While waiting in line, various 
goons try to scare you with unexpected sights/sounds/costumes... etc.  
The one costumed dead undertaker walking around with a shovel decided it 
would be funny to whack the top of the tin roof we were currently under. 
Right by my head. I didn't expected it and I couldn't hear out of my 
right ear for a good 15 minutes. I was ready to take his shovel to his 
ears at that point.

All that aside... My original reason for adding to this thread was to 
find out if there are any home brewers among us? I've just started and 
looking for a list to join. I found one, but it appears to be dead.

- Chris.
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