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Re: [APD] Other Hobbies

Chris Hotte wrote:
> I found out the hard way I get right angry when surprised by a loud burst of sound which I know is responsible for damage.

Interesting. I thought I was the only one. For years I did not 
understand why I would have flashes of anger, or be in a grumpy mood 
when seemingly everything was fine. It took me quite awhile to realize 
that loud noises illicit an anger response (even clanging pots and pans 
as someone does dishes). I think it's just a subset of being surprised. 
Adrenaline causes an anger response in me instead of a fear response 
like most people. I don't know if it's a chemical pathway thing or what, 
but the anger doesn't set in until two or three seconds after the 
initial release of adrenaline.

Jerry Baker
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