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[APD] Seachem Products


I've read good things in this space about the Seachem line for freshwater
plants, and I've had good results myself using both Flourish and Excel.
Lately I have been using Flourish Iron as well. I double dose the label

I see they also make Flourish Trace, Flourish N, Flourish P, Flourish K. And
what else?

Are any of these products redundant? Specifically, does the Flourish product
contain all the other things anyway?

I am not currently testing for ferts, and I'm resisting starting to do so,
since I'm pretty happy with my plants. I just don't want to waste time and
money on redundant bottles if I can just increase the dosage on the

I do a 50% water change weekly. ~3 WPG, no CO2.

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