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Re: [APD] Seachem Products

Whether any of them are redundant depends on what's in your
water to begin with and what things, altogether, your are

SeaChem not only makes products with a great reputation
among aquatic gardeners, SeaChem's Dr. Morin has been known
to post on APD in response to questions and discussions
about SeaChem products. SeaChem has also been a strong and
consistent supporter of the hobby through, among other
things, it's support of the nonprofit Aquatic Gardeners

Flourish Trace is a specialized supplement to add an extra
amount of certain trace elements for those situations where
Flourish (which is a general trace element mix) is not
sufficient for those particular elements. Generally,
Flourish will provide the trace elements and iron one needs
except in special circumstances.

Flourish Iron is for those that have a special need to add
even more iron than one gets from Flourish.

The Potassium, Nitrogen and phosphate products are a means
of adding macronutrients to your aquaria and the other
products mentioned above purposefully do not contain
appreciable amounts of these macro nutrients. Some aquaria
have all the nitrate they need just from the fish food
cycle. Sometimes adequate phospate levels are obtained the
same way. 

Some folks prefer to add dry powder chemicals for
macronutrients (mono-potassium phosphate for both potassium
and phosphate, potassium nitrate for both potassium and
nitrate, and potassium sulfate for those think they need a
bit more potassium than the first two compounds provide).
Some mix the dry powders with water to create their own

Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.

--- Robert Zink <basswright at cnyconnect_net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've read good things in this space about the Seachem
> line for freshwater
> plants, and I've had good results myself using both
> Flourish and Excel.
> Lately I have been using Flourish Iron as well. I double
> dose the label
> dosage.
> I see they also make Flourish Trace, Flourish N, Flourish
> P, Flourish K. And
> what else?
> Are any of these products redundant? Specifically, does
> the Flourish product
> contain all the other things anyway?
> I am not currently testing for ferts, and I'm resisting
> starting to do so,
> since I'm pretty happy with my plants. I just don't want
> to waste time and
> money on redundant bottles if I can just increase the
> dosage on the
> Flourish.
> I do a 50% water change weekly. ~3 WPG, no CO2.
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Bob
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