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Re: [APD] Are all GH tests red/green?

Philippe Lemaire wrote:
> What about using a red plastic in front of the tube ?
> Red shall keep the same darkness but green shall become darker !?

That would work except that each drop makes the solution darker. I would 
have to know how many drops it takes to turn green in order to get the 
right shade of red. It looks to me rather more orange than red which is 
even worse for comparing to green.

I jut thought that perhaps there was a kit that went from blue to 
yellow, red to yellow, or something. There has to be some way to 
ascertain calcium concentration when you are colorblind. If not, one out 
of every ten male aquarists has no idea what his GH is, and if he's a 
reefer he's really in trouble.

Jerry Baker
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