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Re: [APD] your miniature tanks

On 10/2/05, Derek Parr <derekparr at earthlink_net> wrote:
> I got a standard all glass 2.5g at work with a cheepo hangon 10g filter.
> I use a little pmmd and seachem excel for ferts. Have some natives in
> it.. A young shiner, gambusia and some small darters. Got quadrifolia
> and chain sword and ludwigia growing well. For lighting I use a
> standard bendy what majiggy desk type lamp with a screw in flourescent.
> Works well. I imagine shrimp would be good... But I think
> particularly small fish like guppy size and various slow growing
> juvenile fish.. I plan on putting some white clouds in it later on.
> I got some photos taken with my phone at:
> http://photos.derekparr.com/treo/

 Thanks, Derek. Like your photos -- especially the last 2. :-)
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