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Re: [APD] [Redacted]


Sole proprietorship may represent themselves pro SE with great efforts and time on their part. Most get a lawyer and then they have to spend the same if not more to harass the consumer.


 If you are incorporated, then you need a lawyer as a business to sue someone and about 10,000$ to go after them and the action needs to take place within the jurisdiction of the court for which it is filed (they can try, but if the issue is raised in the court, then it gets tossed out). 

[Redacted], then I would need to deal with it, or if the plaintiff wanted to fly out to CA and sue me here, then it would be okay also.


By offering a tank owner a return(they can chose to pay shipping or not, or work a deal with the LFS vendor also since they have a truck come by with deliveries every so often anyway), they now have a built a reputation of merit, customer service a die hard customer who will now love their company and service for life.


Eco complete had some issues with their substrate, Carbi Sea took care of it for any customer. SeaChem and Greg Watson have impeccable service. So do most companies. 


And as a customer, I know they will __actually__ stand behind their products as they have proven time and time again and I freely tell folks this and suggest their products.


Free advertizing is one good way to view good customer service as well as increased sales. If I give away a few extra plants, give a CO2 reactor away etc, so what, it only cost me a few $, but makes the customer happy, and waste much less time for all involved.



Tom Barr






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